Many people underestimate the power of color! As a seasoned color consultant in the Charlotte region, I recognize that colors come in all varieties and understand how to unleash this power. 



Your most flattering colors will make you sparkle and glow!   I hear this time and time again from clients who receive countless compliments once they start wearing colors from their personalized palette.

You know when you look amazing!   Your eyes sparkle, people pay you compliments and your face lights up!
The best part? That’s the real you- and I can help you feel like that every day.



Trends are important, but true style is personal. I can help you to look fabulous and radiate confidence in the colors and shapes that suit you as the gorgeous individual you are!





A color and figure analysis with me will give you keys to unlock the mysteries of your closet. Why do you love some of your clothes and never wear others?  Statistics have shown that we wear 15% of our clothes 85% of the time.  I can help you change that.