My first work of fiction for kids.

Fancy The Country Bichon follows a very unusual dog as she fixes cars, plows a field, fishes in a pond and has many more adventures out in the country.

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Through her eyes, we experience the changing of seasons on her 12-acre hobby farm in North Carolina. Lindy’s book is filled with joyous slice of life stories, practical advice, and recipes. Share in her passion for homemaking with her latest book, Seasons at Sweet Harvest Homestead.
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Filled with endearing short stories, beautiful photographs and a sprinkling of recipes, I hope this will become a regional keepsake. I’ve been involved with farmers’ markets both as a consumer and a vendor since I was 18. Since that time, I have had the privilege of meeting many wonderful people and hearing their fascinating stories of how or why they became vendors. Everyone has a story, and if you sit with another soul and listen long enough, they are usually happy to oblige you with the telling of theirs. And that is exactly what I’m sharing with you in this book—the stories of farmers and artisans whom I’ve met over the years in farmers markets in the Carolina Piedmont.
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24- page guidebook with recipes, stories, and watercolor art. Looking around your yard, you might spot a dandelion bloom or a hickory tree and have little or no regard for it. Upon closer inspection and further reading of this book, you will learn that that flora and fauna contain valuable nutrients and are tasty too! A fun guide to pique your interest in harvesting wild foods. The watercolors were delightful to paint as a reference, and the stories were fun to tell.

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