Harvest Time & A Corn Shuckin!

Another diary entry from the mystery woman who lived in our farmhouse, Mayell Sunshine.

October 2, 1938

I had the most wonderful day today!

We got up at four so that we could start cooking for the feast which was to be held over at the Hunnycutt farm.

It’s time to harvest the corn, and every year Mr. and Mrs. Hunnycutt have a giant corn shucking party and invite the entire community.

I told Mrs. Hunnycutt that I would help her prepare some of the food, and what a grande bunch of food we prepared!

We cooked a giant cast-iron pot of ham and beans, seasoned with smoked cold pork from the farm.

We also baked 12 pies.

The chocolate chiffon was my favorite, but we also baked apple, pear and plum pies and lots of persimmon puddings.

I helped Mrs. Hunnycutt, and the other ladies set out the tables for the party in the barn, and at 4 PM the shucking party began!

We had so much fun, and I believe Mrs. Cooper is the fastest shucker in the county!

Before I had shucked three ears, she had already shucked 20!

It’s supposed to be good luck if you find an ear of red corn in the batch, and if you’re lucky enough to find it, you get to kiss the girl or boy of your choice.

I acted embarrassed but was actually excited when Tommy Lee Herlocker found the red ear and made a beeline for me!

He kissed me square on the mouth!

After I got over the shock of the kiss, I secretly hoped he’d find another red ear of corn.

After all the corn was shucked, the food was brought out, and everyone feasted, and had a wonderful time eating all of the delicious treats!

Some boys from over in Monroe brought their instruments and played many songs for us well into the evening.

I danced with Tommy to a beautiful song called Wildwood Flower. The boys said that the Carter Family from over in Tennessee wrote and sang the original version.

As we were packing up to head back home, Tommy Lee asked if he could walk me, but Mrs. Hunnycutt could tell that he was being way too forward and she stepped in and told him that she and Mr. Hunnycutt would be driving me home.

I’m glad to have a chaperone who looks after me like that— although I would’ve liked to have had one more kiss from Tommy before the beautiful night ended.

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