Hey! You’re here!

And I’m so glad.

Join us at Sweet Harvest Homestead to celebrate the beauty of back-to-basic living, where every day is an ode to the simple joys of home.

While you are here, be sure to read some of the diary entries from the mystery woman, Mayell Sunshine, who allegedly lived in our farmhouse from 1937-1939.




Fragrant, creamy, good for your skin, soap!


Lighting the way with wax, wicks, and fragrance.

Bread baking

Rediscover the art of bread baking using freshly ground whole wheat berries.

Jam & Jelly Making

Explore the world of natural jam and jelly making while being introduced to water bath canning.

Book Opened on Top of White Table Beside Closed Red Book and Round Blue Foliage Ceramic Cup on Top of Saucer