Hidden Treasures in the Attic

Discovering the vintage suitcases hidden in the eaves of the farmhouse attic was a delightful surprise, but it’s turning into an adventure as well.

Along with numerous dresses, there were also at least 10 pairs of gloves.

Some were lacy, some were delicately crocheted, and others were made of leather. This pair in the photograph is my favorite.

She must have liked them best, as they are the most worn.

There is a stamp inside that says France, and in Mayell’s diary, she mentions that she was in Nancy, France for a short time and she took art lessons from a man named Jean-Luc.

The way she wrote about Jean-Luc in her diary led me to believe she may have had a short fling with him.😉

These beautiful gloves, along with many other items, are on display in the home.

Reservations are starting in June!

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